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Established in Hong Kong on August 1992, the United World Chinese Association is a global association of Chinese people from all over the world. Under the leadership of Dr. Ching Meng Ky, the founder, with 6 million members and more than 180 countries and regions, it is the largest and most extensive Chinese overseas Chinese organization in the world, covering all fields of the world (commercial, painting, culture, medicine, martial arts, The top celebrities in the image, health, animation, music, etc. 


With the tenet of "peace, friendship, development, and win-win", the association has played a role in rallying more than 50 million overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese and promoting Chinese civilization. Since its establishment 18 years ago, the Association has actively promoted exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and overseas Chinese and mainland China, and has made outstanding contributions. So far, it has promoted tens of billions of US dollars in economic cooperation between Chinese and foreign countries in the world, and has successfully established more than 5,000 foreign-funded and joint ventures in mainland China, organizing global business activities hundreds of times, including "Taiwanese mainland trade between the two sides." "Conference", "World Chinese Business Leaders Annual Meeting", "World Chinese Miss Beauty Contest", "2008 Humanities Olympics Hong Kong Large-scale Event", "Stankovic Cup Basketball Tournament", "American Chinese Business Mainland Investment Delegation", " The National Private Enterprise Summit Forum and the Celebrity Art Exhibition, etc., have also established and organized many World Outstanding Chinese Awards, which have made tremendous contributions to the economic development of the Chinese mainland and promoted exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries. In particular, the 3rd World Chinese Business Leaders Annual Meeting held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province received strong support from the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. This is an unprecedented scale event, which was personally received by the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Jiangxi Province. The opening speech by the governor, the secretary of the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee and the mayor presided over, all of which fully proved that the World Chinese Association has formed a huge influence in China.



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