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▶ 10 Plan Development - West Immigration

1. Develop into a tourism-oriented country

- Let more Asians travel and develop tourism real estate

- Assist in expanding diplomatic relations and increase the

   amount of passports

- Set up a light industrial zone to reduce prices and make

   West Africa self-sufficient

- Let Asian small and medium industries develop to

   West Africa

- Supply West African demand and then sell to

   neighboring countries

- Establishment of halal industrial park

- Join the certification of halal food

2. Immigration plan

  (International Docking One-Stop Service)

- Arrival visa

- Vaccine planting

- Employee hire

- Hotel/with temporary accommodation available

- Translation

- Business consulting services

- currency exchange

3. Development of Tourism +

“Tourism” is a life concept that luxury people in the world yearn for luxury and alternative living, and Gambia’s tourism investment plan focuses on “flowing to the world”: attracting people, introducing data, introducing technology, attracting professionals, attracting investment, and product. Tourism is an easily accepted field in the business model. The plan is to develop a scenic spot + a landmark as a strategy for the development of Gambia, and extract the cultural essence of each scenic spot for image design, such as the landmark coastal hotel. Historical Heritage Museum, Original Marine Species Research Center, Crop Development Research, West Africa Trade Center, Yacht Port Maintenance Center, etc. to drive a series of industrial chains.


With the construction of hardware facilities to drive the West African economy, the hardware facilities for the people in the area are needed/employed, but for foreigners, this will be an investment opportunity for the rise of the new economy, which will be International attention.

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