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BANJUL PORT is located on the southern shore of the Gambia estuary on the western coast, on the eastern end of St. Mary's Island, on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. The port is the largest port in the Gambia. The port area of ​​the port has four marina berths with a total length of 487 meters, of which the maximum draft is 12 meters. The maximum depth of the anchorage is 26 meters.


The loading and unloading equipment of Banjul Port is very complete, mainly including various shore cranes, barges, tugs, car cranes and so on. Among them, the largest car lifting capacity is 30 tons, which can be used for container loading and unloading, and the maximum tugboat power is 735kW. In the port area of ​​Banjul, there are 840 square meters of covered warehouses and 8,000 square meters of storage yards. These warehouses and yards are mainly used for container and bulk cargo storage. The main export goods of Banjul Port include: peanuts, peanut oil, palm fruit, etc. The imported goods mainly include: cotton, textiles, machinery, tobacco, leaf rice, sugar and so on.

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Planning a 200-hectare industrial zone by the development of the sea -
Development key projects:

1. Pay attention to the development of the seaport and prepare for the import and export trade


2. Tourism industry


3. Second home construction area


4. Harbors, marine routes, processing of aquatic resources, wind energy in the ocean, ocean landscapes, etc. are all considered as marine development resources (natural resources, hydropower, wind power)


5. The utilization of marine resources includes marine shipping, salt and marine fishing. Marine development in the past 100 years includes the development of offshore oil and gas, marine aquaculture, and marine space utilization. (Marine water industry, coastal tourism, marine oil and gas industry, marine transportation, coastal shipbuilding, marine salt, coastal sand mining)



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