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Africa Las Vegas Beach Villa Obtains Unique License

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Africa Las Vegas Beach Villa Obtains Unique License

The business projects approved by the local government in Las Vegas, Africa include casinos, hotels, tourism and other business projects. What is more noteworthy for this company is that it has two special licenses, one is online game entertainment. The second is to establish the Gambia online gaming and entertainment offshore supervision center. In other words, Las Vegas, West Africa, can cooperate with local official agencies to set up foreign investment promotion teams and set up regulatory agencies, together with local tourism bureaus, land development bureaus, information bureaus, etc.

The company has acquired 1km of coastline land in West Africa. The company has obtained national approval to develop casino hotels, integrated shopping malls, marine entertainment, resorts, etc., as well as the newly approved offshore online gaming center. This will continue the Philippines PARGO (short-term in Asia). One of the fastest-growing casino centers in time) will become the largest online gaming casino in Gambia, West Africa.

The integrated entertainment city business district will be constructed as soon as the end of 2021. Before that, Africa Las Vegas Beach Villa has been fully authorized to promote online entertainment projects and will Two months later, a number of joint venture companies were announced, and they tried to set up overseas offices around the world to promote online business to Asia and Europe. West Africa was the first to conduct cross-international diversified online entertainment projects through a US listed company. In the new wave of online gaming and entertainment, its subsidiary Africa Las Vegas Beach Villa will strictly follow the rules issued by these regulatory agencies to conduct all operations. Having established offices all over the world, we will be connected to the Bank of West Africa and the financial payment system approved by the Asian Financial Bureau to ensure the safe operation of online entertainment.

非洲拉斯维加斯酒店集团(Africa Las Vegas Beach Villa)获得独一特许牌照



综合娱乐城商圈,最快将于2021年底进行建设,在这之前,非洲拉斯维加斯酒店集团(Africa Las Vegas Beach Hotel)获得充分授权之下已经在推广线上娱乐项目,并将在两个月后陆续公布多家合营公司,极力在全球设立海外办事处,将线上业务推广至亚洲及欧洲,西非首次透过美国上市公司进行跨国际化的多元线上娱乐项目,将迎来线上博彩娱乐领域的新浪潮,旗下的非洲拉斯维加斯酒店集团(Africa Las Vegas Beach Hotel)将严格按照这些管理机构发布的规则进行所有运营。既在世界各地设立办事处,我们将对接到西非银行以及由亚洲国家金融局批准的金融支付系统,以确保线上娱乐安全营运。

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